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Do you want to achieve success in all aspects of your life?

Is there a feeling deep inside you that you are destined for greatness - but for some reason you’re just not there yet?

Did The Secret leave you motivated to change your life, but also unsure of the next steps and how to apply to what you learned?

Then get ready to develop an action plan for the rest of your life!

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Welcome to "Beyond the Secret"

In this exclusive, intense 4-week Law of Attraction class in the San Jose area, you’ll discover:


How to stop thinking about success and start doing something about it
How visualizing your own success can bring it right to your front door
How to change the way you think - and get all the happiness you deserve
And much more!

Dear Friend,

Ponder these words for a moment:

"There is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches, and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will get rich with mathematical certainty."

Those are the words of Wallace D. Wattles written in 1910 and they still hold true to this day, whether you want:

Stronger, more fulfilling relationships
The career that will get you to the top
Financial independence for you and your family
Excellent mental and physical health
Or anything else you’ve wanted to achieve but just didn’t know how!

Like me, you've probably read or watched The Secret and got pretty excited at the prospect of what it could do for you.

But then you started wondering… How am I going to make this happen? Where will I find the additional support I need to change the way I think - and start attracting success?

I felt the same way! And that is why I started Beyond the Secret. I knew there were lots of people who loved what The Secret had to say - but needed the extra steps, that structure, to make it work.

At this revolutionary new boot camp, you’re going to get that structure - and learn step-by-step how infuse your life with the power of the Law of Attraction that has brought success to so many people around the world.

"Thanks again for your wonderful class. I appreciated your well thought out course structure. The atmosphere allowed me to fully absorb all the fascinating techniques you offered us. You are a very articulate and well spoken presenter. I look forward to attending talks given by you again. I will be sure to keep you updated on my manifestation progress as I begin this 90 day challenge. ”.

- JJ Yosh, TV Producer & Host for Eco-living

Hurry, the next Beyond the Secret class
begins soon.
Law of Attraction Key

Give me 4 weeks and I will give you
all the tools you need to change your life...

This is a boot camp that gets results! At Beyond the Secret Class you’ll learn the most powerful processes for change. These are the REAL DEAL - and the key to a better life - whether it is at work, home or wherever!

A look at the tools you will acquire and master at Beyond the Secret Class:


  • What is Quantum Physics and why should I care?


  • Meditation for Manifestation


  • The Law of Attraction


  • The Art of Allowing


  • Holographic Time


  • Co-creation and the power of thought


  • How the subconscious mind can sabotage your success (and what to do about it)

This boot camp provides a COMPLETE education on how to ATTRACT SUCCCESS like a magnet to steel!

- Conni H. Healing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher "I have been studying the principles of the Law of Attraction for some time now, but it is Greg's ways of teaching that have brought life and meaning to the words that are in the books, CD's and videos. His generosity of spirit and willingness to share his journey in "real time" make the laws come alive in the moments of my own life. If you want to take that next step, moving from thinking to doing.... I highly recommend Greg's Law of Attraction class that provides coaching and practical support for your life here and now”.
- Conni H. Healing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

All I ask of you are 4 simple things

Don’t worry - it’s not as scary as it sounds. All that I ask before you join me for our next boot camp session is to reference these items below. Chances are, if you’ve come this far, you’re already set with our class prerequisites:

  1. A belief in a higher power (God, Universal Mind, Spirit, etc.)
  2. An absolute commitment to coming with an open mind
  3. You are prepared to have your conventional ideas of reality and your current beliefs challenged
  4. Commitment to follow-through on exercises and attend classes

See that wasn’t so bad! We ask everyone to check “yes” for all four of these pre-requisites so they can get the most out of “Beyond the Secret Class”.


Greg de Vries
Transformational Life Coach
Certified Meditation Instructor

Sorry, this class has been discontinued.


Listen to people just like you who
have seen their life change in
incredible ways thanks to
Beyond the Secret Class

"After seeing "The Secret" and talking to various people about the Law of Attraction, I knew I had to dig into it for myself but didn't know where or how. Once I listened to Greg co-teaching a meditation class and talking about The Law of Attraction, I knew that was where I needed to go next. Greg has an easygoing, humorous and unique perspective on Law Of Attraction and his excitement about the topic is infectious. The class was wonderful and I wish that it was a couple weeks longer! It opened my eyes to a new way of engaging the world that is both scientific and spiritual. And it works!"

- Tracy M., San Jose

“The Law of Attraction Course I took from Greg has had a positive impact in my life. I have learned by keeping a journal of my intentions, and my gratitudes everyday, I am noticing positive changes in my life, and little by little all that I manifest are coming true. This class has changed my life for the better, and has made me realized that any thing I want, I can have.”

- Fatima C., Flight Attendant

“Greg shares his knowledge and wisdom of meditation, and the Law of Attraction with genuine passion. The San Jose Law of Attraction Class is presented in a practical format that anyone and everyone can use in their daily lives. The difference it has made in my life is priceless. My choices in life are clearer every day, thanks to life coaches like Greg. Thank you.”

- Jeff W., Boulder Creek


If you can't make this Law of Attraction class but want to be notified of the next class in the Bay Area please complete the following information (and of course we will never sell your email address or spam you!!):

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The San Jose Law of Attraction Class and the Beyond the Secret Class classes are held in the San Jose area of Northern California including Campbell, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Francsico and surrounding areas.  If you would like to host a Law of Attraction Class please contact us!